Wholesale Starter Packs

We make it easier for our wholesalers to carry what we feel are the best selling items within our lines by offering Starter Packs.  In order to qualify for the Wholesale Start Packs certain criteria must be met.

We will need scanned and emailed copies of your Vendor Permit, your business card which must contain all of your business and personal contact information including your name, as well as an invoice dating back no more than 90 days from a supplier you purchased wholesale materials from.  Please email the scanned information to orders@tip-toes.ca .

Currently we only sell the Starter Packs to qualified Canadian retailers.  Once your information is validated you'll notified via the email address provided by you on your business card.  You may then purchase any Starter Pack.

Our current Starter Packs are as follows:

TipToes Soap

This packs contains 4 bars of each of our 9 most popular scents for a total of 36 bars.  The soap are packaged in either our labelled white or kraft boxes (all with a window for viewing and sniffing), and naturally they're recyclable !  The scents listed below are subject to change and are based on availability at the time of ordering.

The scents which are included in the pack are:

Baby Powder
Bay Rum & Lime
Lavender & Cedar
Oatmeal & Honey
Orange Creamsicle
Sensual Musk
Cherry Cinnabonn
Coolin' Mint
Cinna-Vanilla Oatmeal


TipToes Hand & Body Cream

This pack contains 12-171g tottle bottles of cream.  A "tottle" is an upside down bottle with a flip cap and stands on it's "head".  That way the cream is pulled by gravity toward the opening for clean and easy dispensing.

The bottles are divided over our 4 best selling cream scents:

Warm Vanilla
Gentle Lavender
Refreshing Citrus
Fun-filled Orange Creamsicle


TipToes Lip Balm

Our natural lip balm are always a big hit no matter what show we attend.  Customers love the fact that there is no mineral oil or petroleum by-products, no color, and no artificial preservatives.  These are absolutely a no-effort required money maker.

The pack contains 24 lip balm, 2 of each flavor we currently offer.

So Coconut
Cherry Cherry
Orange Explosion !

Vanilla Silk

Orange Creamsicle

Strawberry Lime

Yum Buttercream

Arctic Mint

Soothe & Smooth Cold Sore Blend

Root Beer Float

Green Apple

Cranberry Grape


TipToes "A Pinch of This, A Pinch of That" Pack

15ea Soap Bars (3ea of 5 best selling scents of our choice)
  8ea 171g Hand & Body Cream
(2ea of our 4 best sellers)
18ea Lip Balm
(3ea of 6 flavors of our choice)


TipToes Baby Bunting

In this pack we provide an excellent set of products to care for both baby and mama's skin care needs.

3ea Baby Bum Butter Unscented  114g

3ea Baby Bum Butter Lavender Chamomile  114g
3ea Baby Bum Butter Orange Chamomile  114g

2ea Angel Dust Natural Powder Unscented  140g
2ea Angel Dust Natural Powder Lavender Chamomile  140g
2ea Angel Dust Natural Powder Orange Chamomile  140g

3ea Tender Tushie Natural Diaper Rash Salve

3ea Tender Tips Natural Nursing Salve

2ea Bun In The Oven Herbal Massage Oil

3ea Soothing Calendula All Natural Unscented Soap

3ea Dew Drops Hand & Body Cream Unscented 57g
3ea Dew Drops Hand & Body Cream Lavender Chamomile 57g
3ea Dew Drops Hand & Body Cream Orange Chamomile 57g

3ea Dew Drops Hand & Body Cream Unscented 171g
3ea Dew Drops Hand & Body Cream Lavender Chamomile 171g
3ea Dew Drops Hand & Body Cream Orange Chamomile 171g