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nose to the tips of your toes!


How often do you ship ?

Orders are shipped once per week, usually early on.  That way most orders should deliver without having to sit over the weekend in very cold or very hot warehouses and vehicles.  Please be aware that the items may  freeze or melt in extreme temperatures.

How do you ship ?

We ship via Canada Post, Regular Parcel or Express Post service.  Shipping is calculated based on the weights and dimensions of your package(s).  

Can I pick up my order ?

Unfortunately no.  Although we would love to meet every customer face-to-face, we're only set up as a manufacturing and shipping facility.  In time we hope to have a Pickup Point for local customers.

What do you charge to delivery locally

If you'd like us to deliver there is a small fee of $3.00 per order within St.Thomas.  Deliveries can be made to London for a low fee of $5.00/order.  Delivery charges to other areas still quite affordable and are often in the $8-11 range.

Save shipping and combine orders with friends and relatives !

Do you ever have sales during the year ?

Yes, periodically we do have sales or feature a product for a specific length of time.  If you would like to know when we're going to have a sale or special, please sign up at tiptoesnews@tip-toes.ca

Do you ship to the United States ?

Not yet but it's something we're working towards.  Currently we only ship to Canadian addresses.

Do you have a "minimum" dollar value on orders ?

Absolutely not !  You can order as little or as much as you want at any time.

Why do you only use Paypal to process payments ?

We prefer Paypal mainly because of the security, as well as the simplicity.  We don't ever want to have access to any of your bank account or credit card information.

Paypal is sooo easy to use that you don't even have to have an account, although more and more people seem to prefer having one for ease and security when shopping online.
  Click here www.paypal.com to set up your account now !


Why does the answering machine come on sometimes when I call ?

Some days we may be producing product and cannot take calls at that time.  Please be assured we'll call you back within a day if you leave us your message and callback details.

Why is a product sometimes unavailable when I order ?

We don't make a lot of backstock because we want your order to be as fresh as possible.  You have the option of emailing/calling to inquire when a product will be ready.  That way you can decide if you wish to wait and place your order completely, or place a second order a little later.

Are you a "green" company ?

There are several things we do to be as "green" and kind to our bodies and environment as possible.   This includes:

  • Signing the Compact for Safe Cosmetics-We are in the process of being reviewed by the Compact such that we may be added to their list of companies upon approval (www.safecosmetics.org).

  • Reviewing our ingredients with Skin Deep and improving where possible (www.cosmeticdatabase.com).

  • We only buy new boxes when necessary to ship orders.  We re-use them as we receive them, and we also recycle shoe boxes from local businesses to ship small orders.  The box may not look "pretty" when you receive it, but you're not paying for a pretty box that will end up in your recycling bin anyway ! 


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