TipToes Body Care
Healthy body care from the tip of your
nose to the tips of your toes!
Our "Greenliness"

There are several things we do to be as "green" and kind to our bodies and environment as possible.  This includes:

  • Signing the Compact for Safe Cosmetics-We are in the process of being reviewed by the Compact such that we may be added to their list of companies upon approval (www.safecosmetics.org).

  • Reviewing our ingredients with Skin Deep and improving where possible (www.cosmeticdatabase.com).

  • We only buy new boxes when necessary to ship orders.  We re-use them as we receive them, and we also recycle shoe boxes from local businesses to ship small orders.  The box may not look "pretty" when you receive it, but you're not paying for a pretty box that will end up in your recycling bin anyway ! 

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